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Values workshops for businesses and teams

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Transform your teams success with values

Online and in person workshops

  • Unlock the power of your values:

    Motivate and enable your team for optimal performance and alignment.
  • Drive team motivation & performance:
Our workshops enhance performance, support wellbeing, and reduce burnout and disengagement.
  • Improve decision-making & interpersonal dynamics:
    Activate your values to unlock better decision-making and foster positive relationships.
  • Foster a culture of high performance & cohesion:
    Embrace purpose-driven values at the heart of your organisation.

Values workshops

For businesses, boards, sporting teams, performing arts organizations and more

Identify your values

Pivotal for every new business

  • Collaborative identification of organizational values
  • Unearthing implicit values and enhancing values literacy
  • Integrating values into decision-making processes
  • Strengthening interpersonal understanding through values

Refine your values

Evolve and elevate your values

  • Identify past and present values needs
  • Uncover unspoken values
  • Iterate on your organisational values
  • Learn about values-based decision-making and interpersonal dynamics
  • Begin values activation and alignment

Activate your values

Optimise Values Activation

  • You’re happy with your values and want to rally your team around them
  • Embed them in your ways of working
  • Improve decision-making and  communications for effective buy-in
  • Enhance individual alignment with organizational values
  • Strengthen team cohesion and collaboration through shared values

High Performers

Elevate high performing groups

  • Perfect for boards, leadership teams, athletes and sporting teams, performing artists
  • Individual values work: identify, explore, share
  • Improve motivation and courage when it counts
  • Understand values-based decision-making
  • Reduce values conflicts
  • Reduce symptoms of burnout

"We had a fantastic time working with CompassAI on an early-stage values identification workshop with the team at Grapevine! Their team really helped us dig deep and uncover our core values, which made a huge difference in learning our best to work with each other and make better decisions that reflected all of us. We're stoked to keep working with them and build an organisation that truly reflects our mission of creating a safe and inclusive working environment for all."

Misha Garg, Vinemaker


Greta Bradman, Psychologist

Greta has been facilitating values workshops for teams, boards, and family offices, as well as arts, sports, and community organisations for over a decade.

Her approach to this work is informed both by her experience and training as a psychologist and values practitioner, and by her work as an elite performing artist, radio broadcaster, employee and advisor within other fast growing startups, and nonexecutive director for several not-for-profit organisations.

Greta is a registered psychologist (MPsych(Clin), MAPS), has her MBA from Melbourne Business School, and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Psychologist, CEO and founder at CompassAI.


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Our workshops are modular and flexible, designed to effectively address your unique needs and cultivate values alignment within your organization.

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